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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

WHISPER's optional EDI module provides a fully integrated and automatic EDI solution. Imagine having a customer send a purchase order that becomes a sales order in your system without any manual processing requirements. Invoices, ASN's and many other EDI transactions are received and sent without any extra effort. DeltaVision handles all of the technical contact with your trading partners so you can concentrate on your business without needing any EDI expertise. When DeltaVision prepares the mapping for a trading partner, we guarantee full compliance. UCC128 label and VICS bills of Lading with the required bar-codes are handled as well.


Here are some of the more popular EDI documents that are supported by WHISPER:



850Purchase Orders810Invoices
875Grocery Purchase Orders880Grocery Invoices
860Purchase Order Changes856Advance Ship Notice
852Product Activity Report856Grocery Advance Ship Notice
830Forecast Data or Planning Schedule855Purchase Order Acknowledgements
861Invoice857Shipment Billing Notice
869Order Status Request832Catalog
754Routing Instructions831Applications Control Totals
864Text 753Routing Instruction Request
812CR/DB Adjustments870Order Status Report
816Organizational Relationships
820Remittance Advice
824Application Errors
997Functional Acknowledgement997Functional Acknowledgement