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Document and Graphical Imaging

Graphical Imaging

Picture this...

Through the use of a digital camera or a scanner, DeltaVisionís Imaging Software Package enables a potential client, whether across the country or across town, to view your product-line via the Internet. By sending a simple email or fax, a prospect will instantly receive a graphic of the exact item they are interested in purchasing.

Imaging even gives you the ability to send required carton markings with a purchase order. If you use DeltaVisionsí specifications module to help design a product(s), you can also send the design work with the purchase order. Or even pictures of the products as described above.

Document Imaging

If your imaging needs are for paperwork; whether its copies of signed delivery receipts and Bill of Lading; papers that you store in an import folder or any other document of importance; DeltaVisionís Imaging Software fulfills all your document and graphical needs.