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WHISPER DeltaVision's WHolesale and Importing Solutions and Products, Engineered for Results. From a sophisticated Inventory Management System to a full-featured Order Entry and Customer Service Section; a powerful purchasing module to a robust sales analysis application, including user definable reporting; as well as a feature-rich accounting system, DeltaVision's WHISPER Wholesale Distribution and Importing Software will manage all of your distribution necessities.
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The WHISPER Import Folder tracks shipments, from foreign ports to either your warehouse or to your customer for direct orders. All importing costs are prorated to the individual items in a folder using sophisticated costing algorithms that factor in multiple criteria.

Expediting and other tools provide all of the information to manage your imports.
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Warehouse Logistics WMS

The DeltaVision Warehouse Management System provides the leading edge technology to completely manage your warehouse with paperless picking, automated putaway and more.
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Apparel Software

Threads is a WHISPER add-on for the Apparel industry.
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Process Control

Process Control Software (PCS) is a WHISPER add-on that handles all the requirements of a company that processes food or beverage products. For more information on the WHISPER base, click here.
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the Spirits & Wine Industries

This WHISPER software for the Spirits and Wine industries is build on our PCS Process Control Software and our WHISPER ERP software.
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Electronic Date Interchange - EDI

DeltaVision's integrated EDI software makes you fully compliant with all EDI requirements of your trading partners. While other EDI solutions provide little more than a fax machine, WHISPER allows you to receive customer orders and they are fully processed without the need for any manual intervention.
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Document and Graphical Imaging

A full featured Document and Graphical Imaging system is one of DeltaVision's powerful modules.
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Mobile Computing

Take the Power of WHISPER with you.

When you can't access the server from the Internet, just take it with you on your laptop.

When management is overseas on a buying trip, they can still use the software. Salesreps at a client or a trade show can check inventory and customer history and enter orders.
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