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Mobile Compuring

Take the Power of WHISPER with you

When you can't access the server from the Internet, just take it with you on your laptop.

When management is overseas on a buying trip, they can still use the software. Salesreps at a client or a trade show can check inventory and customer history and enter orders.

Salesperson Laptops

A salesperson in the field will have the ability to enter a purchase order on a laptop. With a full copy of DeltaVisionís Wholesale Distribution and Importing Software package, WHISPER, installed on a salespersonís laptop computer. He/she will easily be able to increase company production by eliminating the need to manually enter the information a second time.

Management Laptops

DeltaVision's Mobile Computing provides the convenience of a portable office for an overseas business trip. A simple WHISPER function copies selected portions of the companies WHISPER database onto the laptop hard drive, one can access his/her companies database while overseas. The value is immeasurable.